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Peace in the Water :: About Us

About Us

Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) - Our Oceanic Kin 

Whales and Dolphins have lived in PEACE on Earth for millions of years. They are integral to the biological balance of the planet, and they provide a golden model for intuitive intelligence, community and play. They are the most immense, intelligent and physically powerful creatures on the planet… yet they are also of the most gentle. Their peaceful ways and their willingness to connect with humanity despite the lack of mutual respect they often receive, is in many ways benevolent. We have much to learn from them.

In the last hundred years, humanity has reduced most whale populations to two percent of their original size. And we are now close to experiencing the first cetacean extinctions ever in human history. Despite a global moratorium against commercial whaling, over 30,000 whales have been killed in this way in the past 20 years, and over 20,000 dolphins are killed each year! This year, the magnificent (and endangered) Southern Hemisphere Humpback is also being targeted.

It is time to join together… To see and send out a NEW MESSAGE. As spoken pure and simply in a recent film interview with children, “We need them in our world.” 


New Earth Creations Founders - Chip and Asheyana Richards 

New Earth Creations is a multi-medium creative collective, inspired by the fundamental mission to unify, empower and inspire positive change on planet Earth through creative expression and experience.  A gathering of like-spirited individuals committed to uplifting humanity's consciousness regarding fundamental global issues, so that those issues can be approached with ACTION that stems from a higher state of BEING (as opposed to fighting fire with fire).

PEACE in the WATER is the first full-scale New Earth Creations initiative,
utilizing aspects of film, written/spoken word, music, visual/wearable art
and community event/experience - to foster a global campaign of
"pro"-actvism on behalf of our planet's vital waterways and the ancient life
forms within (with a particular focus on Cetaceans).

New Earth Creatins was founded in 2005 by writer / creator Chip Richards and visionary artist, Asheyana Richards -- on behalf of our planet's children and ALL who will be inheriting this beautiful Earth. The project is currently headquartered in Northern New South Wales, Australia, where the couple live with their 8-year-old son Joshua, and draws upon artistic creative endeavor from all around the world. Along with a steady stream of conscous creative initiatives, the NEC team is now activating the vision for the New Earth Sanctuary -- a sustainable, creative life retreat center and animal sanctuary.


Peace in the Water - How the Project Began 

In June of 2006, the Peace in the Water project was launched during the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting, as a way of giving people around the world a focused opportunity to cultivate a higher vision and send out a different message for our oceans and it’s inhabitants – one of appreciation, connection, preservation and PEACE.

After spending several months connecting in seemingly miraculous ways with whales and dolphins in the wild, while simultaneously exploring various traditional pathways of protest and activism, we came to the deep realization that the greatest thing we could do to help the Cetacean community (and in turn, the planet) ... is to BE MORE LIKE THEM.  Whatever initiatives we undertake on their behalf must express their incredibly energies of peace, joy and connective, positive power.  We realized that if we could learn to express the Delphic and Whale spirit in how we live, that would be a huge first step toward not only preserving the Cetaceans, but our own race as well.  We too must learn to open hearts wherever we go, simply by being who we are.

We took this intention to the waters and asked, "How best can we serve?"  The answer was simple and clear: "SEE US FREE.  Fill your hearts and minds not with images of our destruction, but with visions of our sacred song lines and communal ways being honored and celebrated in the world. Invite us to be here with you. See us in communion with your own race as we all come into the full realization that we are ONE family under the sun."

So we sent a simple prayerful intention to a small email list, with the hope of unifying positive planetary energy on behalf of the Whales & Dolphins -- to bring people together to SEE and FEEL them FREE. Within hours we began receiving email responses from all around the world. After months of trying to move mountains the traditional way, one simple email seemed to swing wide open the doors of possibility. During the first 33-day “prayer window”, people tuned in from all walks (from children to indigenous elders) and many amazing events transpired – TV ads were sponsored, songs written, films inspired and groups of people took time to come together and share positive energy toward something they believe in.  Just that act of coming together was a tremendous gift in itself...

The project has grown organically since then, and this year we have launched this web space as a global gathering place for conscious initiatives and water / cetacean-based creative projects.  So far, people from over 70 NATIONS have tuned in since we went live in June of 2008, among them many brilliant artists, thinkers and visionaries.

The annual 33-day PEACE IN THE WATER vigil is not a passive movement, but our way of aligning our intentions to inspire higher level action in the world. The months following each vigil is when those higher actions have a chance to ripple out through the PitW website and the greater global community.

In one sense this is about our Oceans and Cetaceans, but in another, this is all about humanity learning once again to step up and unify our voice … and SING THE SAME SONG.

In truth, our ocean kin are giving us a great gift – the opportunity to remember how powerful we are when we come together, in peace, for the greater good of all.

IT IS TIME. Let’s start right now by bringing PEACE in the WATER.


The Power of Unified Intention 

In the Humpback whale family, it is the males who sing. Their song is deeply complex and poetic with verse and chorus, and much like human music, it constantly changes and evolves over time. Science has learned much about their song, but one unexplained fact remains… that even though the Humpback’s song is constantly changing and the whales themselves are spread far and wide, at any given moment, ALL of the humpbacks of a given region - are all SINGING THE SAME SONG.


This is the essence of the Peace in the Water project.

Within virtually every culture in the planet, prayer is a doorway into the realms of the miracle. Scientific and metaphysical research alike attests to the very real power of unified, feeling based intention and prayer. 

The aim of Peace in the Water is to combine the single most powerful creative tool available to humanity  (OUR CONSCIOUSNESS) with the most powerful vessel and carrier of energy (WATER) to initiate a wave of positive change and awakening for our planet and ALL who reside on her.   WE EACH HAVE POWER to make a difference and it starts right here in our own state of being.

Today, my 8 year-old son and I drew a giant picture in the sand of whales, dolphins and humans swimming together. This was our prayer. At roughly the same time, a Maori friend of ours in New Zealand sang her traditional “Karanga” welcome song to the whales as she walked along her beach. At roughly the same time another friend went surfing with dolphins and another sang a song of Peace in the Water in their living room…


Let us sing a new song together and light the path for a NEW EARTH - for the Whales, for the Planet and for all us.