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Peace in the Water :: Contribute
Contribute - Become part of the movement

Many have now asked, "How can I contribute to this movement?"  Peace in the Water is an ongoing global initiative on behalf of our planet and all of her children.  By its very nature it CALLS UPON ALL who feel inspired to bring their unique piece of the whole.  Whether your contribution comes in the form of energy, creativity, finance or resource support, we are grateful to receive and collaborate with all who feel aligned with this vision.

Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination...

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Online Shop 

The PitW's online SHOP is designed to help the bring the movement into your lives and out into the world -- while supporting, global water-based artists, the ongoing development of this website, Peace in the Water FILM and other creative initiatives!   Thank you for wearing the PEACE!

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Help Us Spread the Word! 

We THANK YOU for helping us spread the word --  The global pod is growing quickly!  The more people around the world are tuned in to the vision of PEACE, the greater our collective energy becomes.

Feel free to use the "SHARE" function to send out your own Peace in the Water message!

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Become a Member  - Join the Pod!

We are now building numbers of the "global pod" with a goal of bringing together 10,000 consciously creative individuals by the time of the 2009 PitW vigil.  Research shows that it only takes square root of 1% of a population to tangibly shift energy of a whole area...  we only need between 8-10,000 people consciously connected to the cause, to cover the whole world! 

If you 'd like to be part of this global adventure in consciousness, we'd love to stay in touch as the energy and momentum of this initiative builds!  It is time!

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EXPRESSIONS of PEACE  - photos, songs, videos, artwork...

We each have a vital role to play and piece to bring to the whole... we invite you to share yours with us!   We are now calling for people to share their unique experiences, creative expression and insight on behalf of our oceans, marine life and  the planet as a whole.

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Join the Team  - Share your gifts, ideas and inspiraton

As we shift our focus to a series of ‘next level’ creative initiatives, we are now calling in the perfect team to help!  This includes artists, film makers, activists, publicists, philanthropists and other key creative individuals. We look forward to hearing from you and we welcome your  inspiration and ideas on how best to share this message further and deeper in the planet!

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Donate with PayPal

As we move into the next level of creative initiatives (including elements of film, music, written word, visual/wearable art and global events), the Peace in the Water project is now accepting donations from all who wish to support this special project in a financial sense.

Payments can be made securely through the PayPal website. If you would like to discuss details of financial gifts, sponsorship and support, please contact us at 

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