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> Whale Watching - Mother and Calf in Tonga
> One Song: For the Love of Water
> Whale Tail Flute
> Tendar Chanting For Whales
> Peace in the Water on YouTube
> Migaloo the White Whale Speaks
> Blue Whale
> Moment of Love with Dolphins
> Dolphin Play Bubble Rings
> Swimming with Dolphins
> Humpback Mama and Baby
> Mother and Calf in Dominican Republic
> Humpbacks Up close in Bermuda
> Humpback Whales Breaching
> Whale Shark Rescue
> Grey Whales In Baja California
> One Breath: Humpback Whales, Rumi and Flute
> Oceans of Plastic by Turning the Tides

Whale Watching - Mother and Calf in Tonga 

This is a truly beautiful mother and calf interaction. Swimming with whales in Vavau, Tonga. Humpbacks migrate from Antarctica to tropical blue Pacific waters every year. Incredible whale watching adventures at:

Thanks Beautiful Day .

One Song: For the Love of Water 

This beautiful song and sharing has been offered by author and water visionary William E Marks. A Native American Flute song composed to honor of the ONE SONG global water effort. The song is played on an "F#" flute, which is resonates as the "LOVE" flute and is connected to the heart chakra of our bodies and our Earth.  Visit ONE SONG @: to share and join in the One Song Project globally.

Whale Tail Flute - Playing Native American Flute to Humpbacks 

This magic moment happened during a recent trip aboard the Blue Dolphin in Hervey Bay, Australia, when when Peace in the Water co-founder, Chip Richards played his Native American Flute to a female Humpback Whale who was resting off the side of the catamaran. After a few moments, she dropped underwater and went totally inverted, hanging upside down with her tail up out of the water. This sweet giant hung there, suspended this way for about 15 minutes without taking a breath -- the entire time Chip played.  A powerful genuine exchange shared by ALL... a quiet dance of sound and waves and stillness in the sea of LIFE. Aho.

Lama Tendar Chanting For Whales 

The Venerable Lobsang Tendar, Tibetan Buddhist Monk chants for Humpback Whales off the coast of Hervey Bay, Australia.

Peace in the Water on YouTube 

Here is a version of the Peace in the Water Video on YouTube.

Migaloo the White Whale Speaks 

We present to you the voice of Migaloo, the White Whale. We thought it appropriate that Migaloo be granted the opportunity to speak before The International Whaling Commission next Monday, June 23. As speakers are allowed only a few minutes to present their case, we extracted only the most poignant statements from our recording of Migaloo's two hour discourse. 'Migaloo' means 'White Fella'. He was named by Australian Aboriginal Elders.
The sound pressure level of the whale's song is equivalent to that of a jet engine. It is speculated that the whale's song if unimpeded by land-masses could circulate the globe and return to its source. Divers in close range of a singer have told us that their whole bodies vibrate with the frequencies.
The population of this group of whales which we study, the Antarctic Area V whales, was estimated to be between 45,000 and 60,000 before whaling commenced. When whaling ceased in Australia because of the lack of whales, there were an estimated 150 individuals remaining. We have just finished a collaborative paper on the Antarctic Area V population. Using Photo-Identification 'mark re-capture' techniques we estimate the recovering population to be approximately 7,000.

Kind Regards ~Trish, Wally, Mark & Steve Franklin~ The Oceania Project ( )

Blue Whale 

A magic moment with David Attenborough and the largest animal on earth.

Moment of Love with Dolphins 

In the warm Caribbean, dive underwater with a young marine biologist as she learns the secrets of wild dolphins (shared on You Tube by PSam1776 at --

Dolphin Play Bubble Rings 

Even within the confines of a pool, these amazing beings have a way of inspiring, bringing joy and opening hearts, whatever they are doing... simply by being who they are. Here is part of what the author had to say about the film: "When I took this video, my feeling was mixed. On one hand I was totally amazed by the intelligence level displayed on these dolphins. On the other hand I was a little bit sad on where these intelligent beings are - the captive environment. This somewhat peaceful yet depressing music on the background seems fully express my mixed feeling ... it inspired me that we should learn from this dolphin to enjoy the life no matter where our circumstance is and to use our intelligence to the highest possible level it could be." (This video and full comments can also be viewed at:

Swimming with Dolphins 

SWIMMING with DOLPHINS at play, blowing bubbles and rings in Bahamas & Hawaii - with Joe Noonan of Planetary Partners.

Humpback Whale Encounters - Mother and Baby 

This special piece draws you right into that deep space with a powerful weaving of sound and vision... more Humpback Whale and Wild Dolphin Videos can be found at

mother humpback and two-week old calf in Dominican Republic 

This is a high-definition video clip of a female humpback and two-week old calf - shared by Andrew Stephenson - "They stayed close to our boat moored some 80 miles off the Dominican Republic coast for three days. She seemed to remain around us for protection. Watching this footage you can't help but describe the calf and mother as being affectionate and loving to each other. The mother trusted us completely and appeared interested in introducing her calf to us. The beautiful background music is Lisa Walker's from her Album 'Grooved Whale'. See her website"

humpback whales filmed up close and underwater in Bermuda 

Underwater footage of a humpback whale fifteen miles off Bermuda - by Andrew Stevenson,  "I had spent 300 hours over ten weeks trying to film the migrating humpbacks underwater. It was the end of April and I didn't have a minute of footage. And then I was in the water filming dolphins when this whale found me. The encounter was almost two hours long often within inches of the whale. It was also the first chance I had had to use my underwater housing and video camera. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was looking into the eyes of a very intelligent creature. It took me a week to sleep after the experience and a month to talk about the experience without becoming emotional. It is tragic that the Japanese whaling fleet is setting off this year to kill 50 endangered humpback whales, 50 fin whales and 935 minke whales in Antarctica in a whale sanctuary."

Humpback Whales Breaching 

It is believed whales may breach for attracting a mate, removing barnacles, communication, intimidation, or to just to have fun. For whatever reason they do it, it's incredible and wonderful to watch. Pure power and magnificence in motion... This great video was shot by the Dolphin Fleet whale watching tour group off Cape Cod in the North Eastern United States, and was uploaded with permission from Dan Knaub of the Whale Video Company PEACE!

Whale Shark Rescue 

A truly incredible moment of inter-species connection and a magically positive human intervention with the natural world.  (shard by strangenation in Australia)

Grey Whales in Baja California 

A mother whale and child get friendly at Scammon's lagoon in Baja California. (shared by samkiwi in the USA).

One Breath: Humpback Whales, Rumi and Flute 

There are few living beings on Earth who so profoundly effect people of all walks of life simply by taking a BREATH.  If you have ever been close enough to see, hear and feel the breath of a whale, you will agree there is something deeply penetrating and soul-expanding about their moment of surfacing. This year we discovered the wonder of of playing Native American Flute in rhythm with the breath of Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay, Australia.  We are so grateful for the experience.  One Breath. One Song.  Be YOUR NOTE.

Turning the Tides: Oceans of Plastic 

Southeast Alaskan Native drummers and singers set the frame for a documentation of the detrimental effects plastics have on the ocean. Key message: Nothing can live without the ocean. Help save the life of the ocean; steer clear of plastic bags. For more information, visit