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Mandala T2 - FLOW (mens)

Price: AUD $44
ID: T02m

This is the second in a series of Organic T-shirt Mandala designs which we now offer to help bring the energy of Peace into your day and out to the world.

This is a hand-drawn design by Peace in the Water co-founder Chip Richards, depicts the flow of life force and water through the roots of creation and Tree of LIfe.  The Sun center is woven together with a great chalice of life-giving waters in the center of the deign, honoring the link intricate link between these vital elements in the creation of our universe and all of life. Amidst this potent moment of creation, the dolphins remind us to see the higher path and to "enjoy the ride!"

These T-shirts are produced on Australian made, ORGANIC cotton. We are grateful to share the energy and we Thank You for wearing the PEACE!!!

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