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Mandala T4 - CREATE (mens)

Price: AUD $44
ID: T04m

This is the fourth in a series of hand-drawn Mandala designs created by Peace in the Water co-founder Chip Richards in reflection of this year's PitW vigil and the global movement toward PEACE on planet earth.

This design depicts the balance of yin and yang, earth and sea, land and sky, day and night of Mother Earth -
with a human form sitting in the center, embracing his/her vital role in the creation of LIFE on this precious planet.  Rainbow light weaves through the different creatures and living elements of the circle, revealing the spectrum of light, hope and unlimited possibility that flows within and unifies us all.  The eagle and whales break the circle with their "wings", leading us to new horizons and higher ways of being.  It is now time - Individually and collectively - to come together in our center, and CREATE.

These T-shirts are produced on Australian-made, ORGANIC cotton. We are grateful to share the energy and we Thank You for wearing the PEACE!!!

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