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Mandala T1 - PEACE (mens)

Price: AUD $44
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 This is the first in a series of Organic T-shirt Mandala designs which we joyfully offer to help bring the energy of Peace into your day and out to the world.

This is a hand-drawn design by Peace in the Water co-founder Chip Richards, based on a Mandala that he has drawn at the beach regularly for the past three years - and almost daily during each years 33 day vigil.  It is a picture of  two Humpback whales (mother and calf) and a pod of six dolphins circling Mother Earth and the ancient sacred geometric symbol the Seed of Life.  The dove carries a rainbow of peace and pure possibility which completely encircles the Earth. The rainbow colors within the Seed represents the energy centers of the human body and the many cultures and traditions which are now called  to join together in unified devotion to bringing peace to the planet and all living beings.

The process of drawing this mandala has brought much insight and inspiration to us during the PitW mission... These T-shirts are produced on ORGANIC cotton. We are grateful to share the energy and we Thank You for wearing the PEACE!!!

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